white chocolate

Chelsea’s White Chocolate & Berry Cheesecake

This is one of Chelsea Winter’s most popular recipe and I definitely know why. I started making this cheesecake a couple of years ago and my gosh is it easy. No horse hooves (gelatine) needed in this one as the chocolate sets it instead. It is super easy to make and you will have it whipped up and ready to set in under 20 minutes. This is another great Christmas recipe that is sure to please the crowd.

White Chocolate & Berry Cheesecake


White Chocolate and Raspberry Slice

White chocolate and raspberry is a popular flavour match and loved by many. This slice is a little creation of mine that I made with some leftover ingredients. The use of freeze-dried raspberries adds a burst of flavour and jazz’s up a basic no bake slice. This recipe works well doubled if you have a few mouths to feed.

Raspberry & White Chocolate Slice