Double Dark Chocolate & Pear Cake

A fruit bowl of ripening pears and some leftover dark chocolate lead to this DELICIOUS cake. Albeit pretty much all cakes are delicious but the combination of pear, dark chocolate and cinnamon turn a typical ‘boring’ naked cake into something spectacular. This cake was a crowd favourite, my colleagues are even requesting it become a regular fixture.

Double Dark Chocolate & Pear Cake


Lemon & Coconut Cakes

I tried this delightful cake at Kim Evan’s Little & Friday Cafe in Newmarket, Auckland. Not long after my friend, Izaak and I brought the book and began experimenting with Kim’s treats. These lemon cakes would have to be my absolute favourite and very popular amongst friends, family and colleagues. This recipe makes 12 mini cakes or 1 double layer cake. I have made these recipe many times in a range of sizes including mini cakes, a large cake and doubling this recipe to make a six layer cake (pictured below).

Lemon cake