Avocado Chocolate Brownie

Now I love a good chocolate brownie and so I was quite eager to try this version using avocado. Too be honest I wasn’t expecting much but wow, if I hadn’t of known I would of thought it was a typical delicious unhealthy brownie but this baby is a great alternative. It ticks a number of health requirements including Gluten & Dairy Free, Paleo and even Vegan. I will be sure to be making this again.

Avocado Brownie


Chocolate Fudge Brownies

There is a little story behind these brownies. A great friend of mine, Izaak is reknown for his rich melt in your mouth brownies. I have been unable to twist his arm (yet) to get his version but this one is pretty close. It is rich, smooth and absolute heaven. You can opt to leave the chocolate chunks out if you wish, the brownie works either way.

Chocolate Fudge Brownies 1